How to Use Switchwords & Frequency Numbers

There are many ways of using Switchwords & Numbers.


  1. We can chant words and phrases anytime during the day and any number of times. Though different rules have been added by different people but as per the founder of the system i.e. James T Mangan – words can be chanted 24 x 7. We preferably don’t chant numbers but if they are small we can chant numbers as well.
  2. We can write words and numbers on our left arm with blue pen
  3. We can make Energy Circles called ECs. ECs are circles and within the circles we can write words and numbers and use them in any or all of the following ways –
    1. Charge water by keeping glass of water over the laminated EC for 20 secs and drink – do it 3 to 6 times a day
    2. Place under pillow or mattress during night
    3. Place 3 fingers of left hand on EC for 20 sec and can be done many times a day
    4. Stick the EC on glass or Bottle
    5. Keep it on your desk/table/wall
  4. We can write on our reading books
  5. We can write on white medical tape and stick on body


So, one can use either or all of the ways. By integrating more methods we get the maximum benefit. They are purely magical